Alternate Tech

What is the importance of alt-tech? We discuss it here.

Firstly, Wikipedia, describes alt-tech as “a group of websites, social media platforms, and Internet service providers that position themselves as alternatives to more mainstream offerings” 1. With this definition, we can group many companies as alt-tech like DuckDuckGo, Siddes, Mastodon, and NewTube. But, what’s the importance of alt-tech? Alt-tech brings privacy, different views, and challenges monopolies. It is important that alt-tech continues to thrive and grow in this world over a few major companies. It is important that we use alt-tech too.

Normally, alt-tech puts privacy first. We can obviously see that with the sites listed above. Alt-tech has changed the way we look at major corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Anyway, we created this blog to share our alt-tech and privacy-first view. If you like, go ahead and signup at siddes.com. Its free and does not even require an email!