Case And Why It Matters

The recent 2.3 trillion dollar spending billed recently passed has a lot of good in it. But, it also has some very questionable “extras” in it. One of these extras is the CASE act. Or it’s long name, Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act. This act gives a whole lot more power to the US Copyright Board to try and “control” the internet. This just is not possible.


A lot of people, including Siddes, believe the internet is currently anarchy, will be anarchy, and should stay anarchy. The internet is not a place for censorship or a centralized government. This has been proven many times over and over. Thanks to the EFF and other good organizations around the globe, we look forward to a web of anarchy.

The CASE Act

The CASE Act is trying to do good by preventing illegal distrribution of copyright content. But it is not doing good. The internet is not owned by anyone and can’t be shutoff by anyone, hence anarchy. No one is going to be neutral when you have one side shoving money into your hands in what seems like an innocent sponsorship. This is the case with the CASE Act, Thom Tillis, the senator who proposed the CASE Act just happens to be given millions of dollars a year from companies like UMG and the RIAA. The internet will never be controlled because if a song gets taken off one website, it will be reuploaded to another. This is just the way the internet works.

Why it Matters

Saying no to the CASE Act is very important in the times of censorship we live in. Would you rather have an internet where you can do what ever you want, like release your own music, make your own websites, and create and upload your thoughts to a blog or Siddes, or would you rather be forced to use government controlled sites and regulations like, limited internet access, limited websites, not being allowed to make your own content?

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